Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ambuli Nonche ( Raw Mango Pickle)

One of my fav pickles is Raw Mango pickle and I rarely try any pickle but was absolutely hooked by this perfect recipe shared by my dear relative Chitra shenoy mayi it was perfect and tasted wow like one we get in local mangalore food stores and this tasted even better tasted like one served in konkani marriages ...too good and my hubby absolutely loved it ...Have already done it 3 times in a row when the pickle got empty :D.  The best thing about our typical style pickle is we do not add any oil yet tastes equally good ...So here is one Perfect no fail recipe Raw Mango Pickle . Please note Rock salt plays a key here do not substitute with regular salt else the shelf life will be reduced :)


4 Raw Mangoes (small med sized ) ( chopped finely with skin on )

3 green chilli (cut into 1 inch bits)

1/2 tsp ginger grated

2 cups of water

1/2 cup Rock salt

1 cup of Red chillies (mix of bedagi and Normal red chillies)

1/2 cup Mustard seeds ( little less than that)

small piece of solid hing

1/4 tsp haldi


  • In pan boil rock salt with water to make a salt solution and when it comes to a boil switch off the gas and bring it to room temperature.
  • Mix green chillies, chopped green mango and ginger , 1/4 glass of the prepared salt solution  and keep aside for 1 hour. 
  • For Pickle Masala : Grind Red chilli , Mustard seeds, haldi , hing to coarse powder first then grind it to a fine paste with half the salt solution prepared earlier .
  • Mix this Pickle Masala with the chopped mango and mix well. Add in more salt solution water prepared to the consistency required.
  • Store in a sterilized bottle .
  • Mix well and keep it refrigerated . Use after 10 - 12 days of preparing this pickle . Keep it refrigerated ( Can be used for 3-4 months if it lasts :D )