Friday, November 25, 2016

Crispy Corn ( Non Fried version)

I absolutely love crispy corn but usually though being my favorite I don't do it regularly as it consumes lot of oil so today i have come up with something healthy and delicious with same taste and no compromise with your taste buds and I have done this whole dish using little oil and your going to absolutely love this that's my promise ....Ok moving on to the recipe . This Recipe is adapted from Food lab video but I have made it very healthy and did not deep fry here and changed a bit of the recipe.


2 cups of sweetcorn ( I have used Frozen here )

For Mariantion

3 tbsp rice flour

1 tbsp Cornflour

1/2 tsp Pepper powder

salt to taste

Other Ingredients

3-4 garlic cloves (finely chopped)

1 tbsp finely chopped ginger

1 green chilli (finely chopped)

2 tbsp tomato ketchup 

1/2 tsp Sriracha sauce (or you can use chilli sauce)

2 tbsp spring greens 

1/2 tsp pepper powder

pinch of salt 

3 tbsp oil ( 2 tbsp for frying the corn + 1 tbsp for 


For Marination

  • Boil the sweet corn and drain all the water and leave it in the drainer for 10 mins. So that it drains all the water completely.
  • Take out the drained corn in a bowl add in Rice flour, pepper powder, cornflour, salt and mix well  and make sure the powder is stuck well to the corn . (Note - You needn't add any water to the corn as it will have little water content which is quiet enough to coat it well).
  • Heat 2 tbsp oil in a non stick pan ( non stick pan only) then add the corn and lower the heat for about 4-5 mins when you turn around you will get a perfectly crispy corn turn and do the same to the other side as well. Remove and keep aside.
  • Heat 1 tbsp oil add in chopped garlic. ginger, green chilli and fry well till garlic turns golden add in tomato Ketchup , sriracha sauce, salt, pepper and fry well .
  • Now add in the corn and lightly toss well for 2-3 mins . Add spring greens are serve immediately .

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