Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Palak Sannakhotto

This is my mom version of Sanna Khotto lovely and delicious recipe which I relish with dalitoi and  rice ...Superb combo and superb dish ...here is the recipe for that :) 


1 cup Rice 

1/4 cup coconut 

5-6 red chillies (fried )

small piece of hing

salt to taste 

1 onion (finely chopped)

2 handful of palak leaves (finely chopped )

salt to taste


  • Soak rice for an hour and keep aside.
  • Now grind  rice , coconut, red chillies, hing  to a coarse paste. when you feel it should be v grainy  ( you will get a flaky idli sort of texture if you get a coarse consistency here ) .
  • Now add in salt, chopped onion and palak and mix well.
  • Now  Grease a thali pour this mix and steam this for 15-20 mins till done .
  • Insert a clean skewer and see if it comes out clean.
  • Wait till cooled completely , unmould it and slice and serve with rice and dal simply yummy !
  • Note : You can also add Methi leaves instead of Palak :)