Thursday, April 6, 2023

Mangalore Buns (Low fat Version )

Here is low fat and lovely version of Mangalore Buns which is fab to taste so soft and spongy too that I love it :) 


2 cups maida

2 banana (med sized  over ripened )

4-5 Green chillies

1 tbsp Jaggery 

1 tsp Jeera

1 tsp coarsely crushed black peppercorn 

2-3 tbsp curd

1/2 tsp Baking soda

salt to taste

oil for frying 

  • Grind  over ripened banana in mixed grinder to a fine paste or you can even finely grate it.
  • Mince green chillies finely . In Bowl add pureed Banana, minced green chillies. whole Jeera, coarsely crushed black peppercorn , Jaggery, curd , baking soda, salt to taste and whisk it well and leave it aside. After 2-3 mins you can see bubbles forming .
  • Now add maida/ plain flour  and knead to a smooth dough . add more plain flour to knead into a smooth dough .
  • Leave in to ferment overnight . If you intend to do this tomorrow it's pretty best knead the dough at night.
  • Next morning knead it well again dusting with little maida/ plain flour ,  Pinch out a little dough make round balls of all the remaining dough .
  • Roll it once with the help of rolling pin not more then the size of puri and then heat oil and deep fry in oil .
  • Serve hot and serve with coriander chutney of your choice ...Perfect morning breakfast !

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