Monday, September 26, 2016

Varai Chakuli

This is a signature dish of my mil which I learnt from her...v crunchy and fab to taste and with no rice in it makes it very healthy for anyone to consume even diabetics....or when your fasting too :) ....Here is a simple and perfect recipe of this lovely crunch munch snack :) 


2 cups varai / Barnyard millet 

1 cup Roasted urad dal powder

1/2 cup coconut freshly grated 

1 ladle of very hot oil 

1 tbsp black sesame seeds + 1 tbsp white sesame seeds 

2 pinches of haldi (opt)

salt to taste 

Oil to deep fry the chaklis

  • Dry roast urad dal on a low flame till nice aroma then grind it to a fine powder. sieve and keep aside.
  • Soak Varai / Barnyard millet for 1 hour. Then drain and grind with coconut to a thick paste ( it should be a very thick paste) but at the same time very smooth too .
  • Take it out in a container then add til , salt , haldi, hot oil ( Heat oil in a small pan and when it's smoking hot drop it on the paste).
  • Then add in the  roasted urad dal powder and keep mixing you will get a perfect dough . knead it well till you get a very smooth dough like the one shown in this picture.
  • Once you get this consistency add it in chakli mould and press into roundels and deep fry in oil till golden . Store it a air tight container.

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