Thursday, March 19, 2015

Biscuit Rotti

Today's post is very special as its about a book review and about the person whom I met in food group KKAJ and met Asha Satish Phillar mayi she is an author of such a lovely book which has got such awesome traditional recipes which you will absolutely love . Book has such a lovely collection of traditional recipes few to name is cabbage zunko, Apple Raisin salad , Biscuit Rotti here is one such recipe which was favourite since my childhood days ...I recommend this book copy to be brought my everyone who loves authentic Manglorean dishes I have already tried 3-4 dishes and simply loved the taste.

 Here is the snippet of the book absolutely lovely I must say

Thanks Asha Phillar mayi for sharing this recipe of Biscuit Rotti which she had learnt from her  Mother-in-law Sumathi S Phillar which makes this recipe extra special to treasure ...
Here goes the recipe for this lovely Rotti :)
Biscuit Rotti is a typical Amchi dish which means Crisp puri with a spicy filling in it.....try this delicious puri and you will simply love it ...I have changed the recipe of outer filling here and used maida you can use wheat flour too ...original recipe used wheat flour :)


For the Dough

1 cup Maida

2 tbsp semolina (fine)

1/2 tsp sugar

salt to taste

2 tbsp hot oil 

water to bind into a thick dough 

For the filling

5-6 green chillies (use more if you like it very spicy )

1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves  use with stacks if tender 

1/4 grated coconut ( I have used desiccated coconut ) (pref good to use as it does reduce moisture level)

2 tbsp Gram flour

2 tbsp semolina 

generous pinch of hing

salt to taste 

Oil to deep fry the puris


  1. For the filling : Blend green chillies and coriander leaves to a fine paste now take it out in a mixing bowl add desiccated coconut, semolina, gramflour , salt, hing mix well and keep aside. Do not add any water.
  2. Now in mixing bowl add salt, maida, semolina, salt, hot oil , sugar and add in little water and make it to a smooth dough and cover and keep aside .
  3. Now take small roundals of the dough roll into small puri and put 1/2 tsp of the filling and and shape it into a ball . Repeat the same with all of them and keep aside.
  4. Now roll these stuff balls into puris and keep aside.
  5. Heat oil to a smoking point and deep fry puris till they fluff up and serve.
  6. You can serve with any chutney of your choice cause of the spicy filling i didn't find the need for any chutney.
  7. Enjoy these with hot cup of coffee its pure bliss !!!

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