Thursday, October 13, 2016


Posting my fav traditional sweet today Patholi it's such a lovely sweet with a beautiful ting of aroma of turmeric leaves which makes it very special . This is actually prepared on special occasion like nagarpachami / Gowri Ganesha chaturthi . On my recent holiday trip to India to visit my parents was so happy to see these turmeric leaves grown in my mom's garden that I decided to carry some back home and prepare this sweet :D ....I absolutely loved preparing this easy sweet and gorged over it was feasting while fasting so here goes the recipe for this gorgeous sweet :D 


10- 15 haldi leaves / Patholi paan 

For rice coconut batter 

1 cup Rice 

1/2 cup coconut 

pinch of salt to taste 

For sweet Jaggery filling /choorna

1 cup coconut 

1/2 cup Jaggery 


For Rice coconut batter

  • Soak rice for about 1-2 hrs 
  • Then drain all the water and grind rice with coconut adding little water to a thick paste.

For Jaggery filling

  • Heat 1/2 cup water add jaggery and melt it till it dissolves completely then add in coconut and boil till all the jaggery syrup gets absorbed in the coconut. Keep aside.

To assemble 

  • Take a steamer fill with enough water place a plate . keep it on high flame .
  • Take the leaf wash it well snip of the ends of the leaf  like the one shown in the picture .

  • Now take a spoonfull of  rice coconut batter and spread it on the leaf then put the coconut Jaggery filling in the center.

close the leaf  and place on the streamer and steam for 15- 20 mins till done, cool and remove patholi from the leaf  serve drizzled with homemade ghee's awesome with a lovely aroma of turmeric leaves truly yummy and one of the traditional konkani delicacy !

Note ; My mom do not add elaichi powder to it as it overpowers and the beautiful scent of aroma leaves goes's your choice to add it if you like

My granny used to even add 2 tbsp Jaggery while grinding the rice and coconut batter just cause it hypes the taste ...but as my mom doesn't add it have followed the way I have been brought up seeing her cook 

You can keep this refrigerated for 3-4 days