Monday, November 14, 2016

Biscuit Rotti

I have tried so many versions of our biscuit rotti ...but never have been able to master this ....when i tried this recipe it was so much near to the one we get in mangalore stores and so much better it was puffed up and crisp cause I had left 2 for my morning tea ....absolutely gorgeous actually I have clubed both recipe which I have learnt from my mom and my dear friend shyamala kini akka recipe to get this perfection . Now coming up to this recipe here it is :D


1 cup Maida  / Plain flour

2 tbsp semolina

1 tbsp Gram flour 

1/2 tsp sugar 

1 tbsp ghee + 1 tbsp oil 

salt to taste

For the filling 

1/4 cup semolina 

2 tsp Gram flour

1/4 tsp mustard seeds

2 sprigs of curry leaves (finely chopped)

1/4 cup desiccated coconut ( use only desiccated coconut or copra which is grated )

1 tbsp coriander leaves (finely chopped)

1 green chillies chopped finely

1 tsp red chilli powder or sambar powder (  I have used chilli powder here )

little haldi powder

1/4 tsp hing powder

salt to taste 

1 tbsp oil

Oil for deep frying the rottis


For the dough 

  • In a wide mixing bowl add in Maida, semolina, gram flour,   salt, sugar mix all the 3 flours well with the help of your hand .
  • Heat oil and ghee as stated under ingredients to a smoking point such that when u drop on the flour it should sizzle .
  • Add this hot oil to the flour and mix well now add it little by little water to form into a smooth dough and cover and keep aside for 30 mins. 
For the Filling 

  • Take a non stick pan add in 2 tsp of oil when hot add mustard seeds when it crackles add in the chopped curry leaves , green chilli and coriander leaves fry for a min then add in gram flour and mix well on low heat now add it semolina and continue to fry till semolina gets a crispy texture when u touch now add desiccated coconut, red chilli powder , pinch of haldi powder, hing and fry well . Please note you should fry on a low heat here .
  • Now cool and give the mix one whiz in mixer grinder and keep aside. It must be a slightly coarse texture (not finely powdered).
  • Now pinch out a small portion of the dough shape them into balls then roll into small puri put 1 tsp of the prepared filling and bring the edges together like the one shown in the pic below.

  • Prepare the same with the rest of the dough balls
  • Now dust a little bit of flour roll it into puri make sure you do this lightly and keep aside.
  • Now heat oil to a smoking point then simmer and bit and fry all these rolled puris.
  • Enjoy with your hot cup of tea ....after breakfast I did have a 2 puris left which I enjoyed this for my evening tea but the beauty of this recipe was it was still crisp, puffed up like I had just prepared it now....Simply gorgeous and it's a no fail recipe for you ....So pls do try this and drop in your feedback if you did try it and found it perfect which i am sure you will :D

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