Monday, November 7, 2016

Coffee Icecream

This is one of my fav icecreams from the day I have stumbled upon this recipe by Nigella lawson it's the ultimate and my fav version of eggless no churn easy ice cream ....try this it's a must try for all coffee lovers like me and my family ....If you did love it do drop in a feedback :D


300 ml Double cream 

2 tsp Coffee powder

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup choco chips /walnuts ( I have just used choco chips here)

1/2 tin of condensed milk 


Mix coffee powder with water and keep aside.

Beat Double cream with a cake beater ( electric one would really be a great help here :D) till you get soft peaks and keep aside.

Now mix coffee powder mix  , condensed milk and then fold in choco chips and whipped cream and lightly mix it.

Then pour this  in the container and freeze it overnight . 

This is one no fail recipe which is perfect ...have tried it so many times this is def a keeper recipe :D

Half of it have already gone before I could click my family loves it so much :D

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