Monday, January 30, 2017


Bellappa is a traditional , lovely spongy Dosa which I learnt from my mom and this recipe is truly awesome as it nails the texture so well. There are different ways which I prepare this dosa is the one I follow most of the time as it comes out so perfect all the time and it's a no compromise on the taste as well !....You can serve with any chutney of your choice and relish it you will def love it :D


1 Cup Sona Masoori Rice /Basmati Rice /Dosa Rice (any one will work fine)

1 cup Cooked Rice 

1/4 cup coconut 

1/2 tsp soda

1 tsp sugar to taste 

salt to taste 

Oil to drizzle while taking out the dosa


  • wash and Soak Rice for 2 hrs. Then Drain the water and grind it with coconut, cooked rice adding water to making it like a semi thick consistency ( Note : The consistency you are looking here is like normal dosa batter.
  • Now take it out in a container and then add in soda, sugar , salt to taste and mix well. Cover it and leave it to ferment it overnight .
  • Next morning Drizzle the non stick tawa with little oil heat it on a med flame spread a ladle full of batter cook it covered just for a min or 2 then take it out in a pan and serve with chutney of your choice ...Enjoy ( Note : Here you don't flip the dosa and cook ) 

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