Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mooga Pathrado

Traditional dish which is absolute favourite in every konkani house is this Pathrado of the most delicious preparation using arbi/ colocasia leaves and spice paste which is absolutely scrumptious , delicious when paired with our traditional dalitoi (Our traditional dal ) one of my hubby's fav combo . There are 2 ways you can prepare this spice paste one using Moong and other using Rice ....Today I am sharing Mooga pathrado which I learnt from my mom . These leaves are little itchy so it's pretty best to choose small or medium sized arbi leaves and this takes a pretty long time to steam cook  these spicy logs as these leaves must be thoroughly cooked . I will be sharing special tips what can you do to avoid itchiness from these leaves . So here is the traditional way I do pathrado :D


15- 20 Arbi / Colocasia leaves

lemon sized tamarind

For the masala

1 cup Green whole Moong

2 cups of grated coconut (half of the coconut)

4-5 Bimbul or 1-2 small whole Green raw mango (chopped) or Lemon sized Tamarind

pea size Solid Hing

2 tsp salt

15- 20 Roasted Red chillies


For Masala

  • Soak Green moong overnight and next morning drain all the water and transfer this in mixer grinder add in coconut, bimbul / Tamarind / Green Mango along with the skin, salt, Red chillies to a fine paste adding little water ( it must be semi thick paste ) . I have shown the consistency of the paste below.

  • Wash colocasia leaves properly . Then In a big bowl add in water put tamarind  in it and squeeze it well . Now dip these washed leaves in water and keep it aside for 10 mins . This is main tip for removing itchiness from these leaves. After 10 mins remove these leaves and keep aside. 

  • Take a backside of leaf as shown select a big leaf first spread the prepared spice paste evenly . Then now select a slightly smaller leaf then the first one place the back side of the leaf facing you and spread paste evenly on that leaf now repeat till you selected and spread the spice paste evenly on 5 leaves .
  • Then when you have stacked all the 5 leaf one over the other like shown in the picture start rolling into a log fold both the side of the leaf and then started rolling it onto a log .
  • Repeat the same with all the leaves and make logs of 5 leaves and roll then cut the logs into 3 pieces and steam in a steamer make sure you have kept enough water I actually steam it on a lower flame for 35-40 mins till done. Drizzle with coconut oil (it's a must!!) and serve it steaming hot with rice and dalitoi .

Please Note ; The spice paste must be slightly salty as when you spread on a leaf and steam it will be perfect in salt .

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