Friday, June 1, 2018

Bread Masala

Million dollar question every morning in most of the household esp for a housewives is what to be cooked for breakfast ?.....I face the same question especially sometimes when I want to cook something like a brunch and this Bread Masala is  perfect answer . It's not only filling  but the flavours did come out soo well just like restaurant style dish ! We absolutely loved  this dish......there are so many variations that could be followed there is a simple bread upkari which I learnt from my mom and follow and  here is one more variation which I came across lately which was shared in a food group by Arathi Shenoy  it was just fab turned out soo good ...I was so happy with the outcome ...... here you can use either cubed pav bread or bread ...I have used regular bread which I diced into 1 ' cubes and have used it . This is def going to be regular at my house . Hope my readers try it and do share your feedback at my space would love to read it :)


7-8 slices on Bread (cut into 1' cubes)

2 med sized onion

2 med sized Tomato

2 Green chilli

3 Red chilli

2-3 Garlic flakes

2 cloves

2 tbsp cashewnuts  (soaked in half cup water)

1 tsp Red chilli powder

1/4 tsp garam masala powder

1 tbsp oil + 1 tbsp ghee + 2 tbsp oil For frying (Bread)

1 tsp sugar (opt) ( I didn't use)

salt to taste

1 tbsp cashews (for garnishing)

2 tbsp coriander leaves (finely chopped) ( for garnish)


  • Grind tomato, ginger, garlic, green chilli, Red chilli, cloves, cashews to a smooth paste.
  • Take a non stick pan 2 tbsp oil drop in  cubed Bread cubes fry till crisp. ( this is key as bread doesn't get too soggy ( but original recipe doesn't have this step). Make sure you do it on a slow flame ensuring that you don't burn them this might take a good 5 mins but worth it :) 
  • Heat a wok add in 1 tbsp oil + 1 tbsp ghee fry the chopped onion till they become golden brown  add the paste and fry till raw smell goes away and oil starts oozing out put little salt and sugar , Red chilli powder, garam masala powder saute well till all flavours get mixed in well.
  • Add roasted Bread pieces then lightly toss well till all Bread is well coated with masala. Now add in coriander leaves , roasted cashews .
  • Enjoy this dish's absolutely fab !

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