Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bakery Style Dil Pasand( Sweet Puffs Filled With Coconut & Tuti-Fruity)

I really love dil pasand, one of my favourite bakery item ...when ever i used to go to local bakery shops in Bangalore, i never miss out this item was truely a treat having it ....after so many years i remembered this favourite sweet of mine when my sister asked me why dont u try to do it and put that in our blog ..I thought hmmm well lets try it then ....... I have really tried hard here to make it as delicious as they do it in bakery ...well they do the best no one can deny it but i was nearly there could make out when it was all gone after a while when my hubby came back from his office.......was simply praising it .....hmmm now thts a big compliment when ur hubby likes it and even tells u that was Delicious..isn't it????.....Try it and ull also love it !!!!!


1 Sheet of puff pastry thawed

1/2 cup fresh scraped coconut

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup tutti fruity

4 -5 green cardamom powdered

1/4 cup water


For filling
  • Heat sugar , water and powdered elaichi in water and boil now add coconut and bring to a boil and then fry till the sugar gets blended well with the coconut and then add colourful tutti fruity and mix.
  • Take 2 puff pastry and with the help of round pastry cutter cut 2 shapes one big and other a bit smaller then then first one.
  • Take the big circle place the filling now put the smaller circle on the top and seal the edges with the help of a little water.

  • Now brush a little butter on the top of prepared dil pasand then bake it in a preheated oven of 180'c for about 20 mins or till nicely baked and golden on the top.

  • Slice and serve ...

  • I simply enjoyed having it after a long time.
  • Tip : For best taste and result use fresh coconut .