Friday, January 22, 2016

Fried Bhindi Chutney

I think all amchis /Konkanis know the taste of Bhenda sagle (Traditional gravy dish with lovely taste of fried coriander) then this is going to surely WOW your taste buds...its fab to taste and we loved it as a dip with Chapathi ...I little bit of work is involved in this but you will def love the end result I assure you that here you go Lovely recipe for Andhra style Bhindi Chutney :)


8-10 Bhindi /Okra Cut into thin roundals (wash well and then slice into roundals)

Masala mariantion for Bhindi /Okra

2 tbsp cornflour

2 tbsp Rice flour

salt to taste 

pinch of Soda

1/2 tsp Red chilli powder

Other Ingredients 

1 tsp Dhania /coriander seeds

1 Sprig of curry leaves

1/4 cup coconut

3-4 Green chillies (according to your spice level)

small pinch of tamarind 

salt to taste

Oil for roasting spices + Roasting Bhindi


  • In a Mixing bowl  add cornflour, gramflour, rice flour, pinch of soda, salt to taste and red chilli powder give a good mix then add the bhindi .The water content and the sliminess in okra is quiet enough to hold the binding well so  pls don't add any more water .
  • Take a non stick pan add oil and fry till well till the bhindi gets cooked and become crisp ( I don't deep fry this as it soaks in lot of oil so the roast it well in oil till the sliminess goes and it shrinks in size , becomes very crisp . I have shown the picture below how it should look .( It was very Yumm to be honest i Couldn't stop myself from eating a few :D)

  • Now in a non stick pan fry coriander seeds , green chilli , curry leaves fry well then add this to mixer grinder and grind this along with fried bhindi , coconut , tamarind salt to taste (remember bhindi has already salt in it so adjust as per your taste later)
  • Serve with chapathi for your's a nice way to make your kids have bhindi as you cannot even come to know it's been added here :D ....Great isn't it that's what I felt when I tried it Do try this and don't forget to leave in your feedback ...its yumm and very nutritious too :)

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