Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kele Harshale

Harshale is a very simple dessert and is always the best tasting too , well atleast for me :)....  There is no heating involved in this dessert so u should consume it quickly as it wouldn't stay for more then 1 day so though it's my family favourite I always do it in a small quantity . This is one of the main sweet which we always prepare for Janmastami , it is said that Lord krishna loved Poha and this is a traditional dish which mom used to prepare on ashtami and I have followed this tradition too  ....So blogging this traditional recipe for my reader's reference :D


1 cup coconut milk 

3 -4 tbsp grated Jaggery 

4-5 green cardamom seeds (crushed in a motor and pestle) 

1 banana (sliced , cut into quarters add a few and reserve a few to be added at the time of serving )

1/4 cup Paper thin Poha 

2-3 cashews (finely chopped) (opt)


  • Grind freshly grated coconut say about 1/2 cup add 1 cup warm  water and grind to a fine paste.Extract the thick coconut milk with the help of the strainer . Then again add 1/2 cup and grind again and extract  thin coconut  milk again and keep aside. Now mix the thick and thin milk and keep aside.
  • Now add in Jaggery to the coconut milk and mix well.
  • Now add in elaichi powder , cashews (opt) add a few banana pieces ( I just add 1/2 of it ).
  • Cover and leave it for 1 hr .
  •  Now at the time of serving ...serve with paper thin poha and serve with remaining banana pieces .
  • I always add a little poha as I offer this prasad to Lord Krishna ....( Serve poha and chopped banana only when your serving this sweet and relish it :)

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