Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Methi Amla Chutney

One of my best try is this chutney which my hubby simply loved ...it its got such a lovely mix of all flavors that you will be simply amazed by it's taste....its excellent for hair growth as well as too good for diabetic people too ...do try this you will love it for sure :) 


6-7 Amla /Avalo / Indian Gooseberries 

1/4 tsp Methi seeds

2 Green chillies (as per your spice level)

1/4 cup coconut (desiccated /fresh)

small piece of Jaggery 

salt to taste

1/4 tsp ghee + little oil to roast the ingredients 


  • Boil Amla and when tender keep aside.
  • When it cools down deseed them and keep aside.
  • In pan add little ghee ( I have used here just for flavour ) and fry boiled and sliced Amla and keep aside. and transfer this in mixer grinder. 
  • Fry coconut for 2-3 mins and keep aside.
  • In pan add little oil fry methi seeds on low flame and transfer this in grinder . Now add  Green chilli and fry well on low flame.
  • Grind all the fried ingredients that is fried Amla, methi, coconut, Green chillies, Jaggery a small piece (may be 1/4 spoon is enough here). Grind all this to a smooth paste and then transfer it to a bowl.
  • Add salt to taste.  Give in a good mix and keep aside.
  • Done!...So Delicious with a good burst of flavour and v healthy too ...you will love it !!

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