Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chilli Papad Salad (Mirsangi Happla Kismori)

You will be amazed just by 4 ingredients chilli papad can be turned into a fabulous salad ...really awesome and one of the most amazing traditional recipe got to try this you will def love this for sure you can use any papad of your choice....I have used chilli papad (mirsangi Hallupu which is easily available in any Mangalore store !


4 -5 fried chilli papad (deep fried)

1 red onion (Finely chopped)

2 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves 

3 tbsp finely grated coconut

Pinch of salt  (It isn't needed as chilli papad does have salt ( taste it and add salt more if you like)


  • Roughly crush fried chilli papad with your hand then add in onion, coriander leaves, coconut , add in salt to taste (add only after tasting it if required )and mix and serve immediately !
  • NOTE 1 : If you have microwaved the chilli papad then you have to use coconut oil (1 tbsp and mix).
  • Note 2 : You have to serve it immediately as if the salad is kept long it will turn soggy.
  • But it's soooo delicious you can have rice curd and this salad just like that .....scrumptious combo !!!

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