Monday, November 23, 2015


This idea of Using coconut water to ferment Appam comes from Shyamala akka who had contributed this recipe  I actually use coconut water to ferment surnali batter which I had already posted ...Coming to this Appam recipe it was simple and it was simply one of the best recipe ...the original recipe didn't use Poha ...But it's my little change what I have done to this recipe and it came out Perfect !

1 cup Rice
1/2 cup Freshly grated Coconut (I used a little less then 1/2 cup)
1/4 cup Poha
1/2 tsp dry yeast 
water of one coconut 
1/2 tsp sugar + 1/4 tsp for activating yeast
1/4 cup hot water
salt to taste
oil for roasting the dosa


  • Wash and Soak the rice for 4 hours along with coconut water this way water will be fermented and perfect .
  • Soak for Poha for 15 min and then drain out the water and keep 
  • Grind the rice,poha,coconut, with salt and sugar to a very fine paste
  • Add hot water and sugar to a yeast and keep it aside for 5 min and then mix it in the batter.
  • Ferment it overnight and take out the dosa next morning in an appam pan  grease it properly with oil with the help of the kitchen tissue . When it is hot  simmer it drop 1 ladle full the batter and circulate well making sure the batter is spread evenly all over the appam pan (you have to do it quickly here . cover and cook drizzled with little oil .
  • Take out when the edges start getting a little Crisp.
  • Serve with stew or chutney of your Choice.

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