Friday, June 10, 2016

Surna Koot (Yam fritters in coconut Gravy)

Surna / suran it's a yummy vegetable and this is one of my fav and most loved traditional dish which I follow and never fail to prepare it when I get hold of this vegetable....In this suran / Yam has to be chopped in tiny bits and shallow fried ...these are so amazing to have it as chips on it's own that I really can't stop myself from taking a bit a helping when I prepare this ...then these fritters are to be mixed with a whole coriander flavour coconut gravy it's absolutely delicious do try this you will def love it :) 


2 cups of suran / Yam (chopped into med tiny bits )

3 tbsp oil of roasting these suran bits till crisp

salt to taste

Ingredients for Roasting in oil 

1/4 tsp haldi 

1 tbsp oil 

1 tbsp coriander seeds

8-10 seeds of methi 

Other ingredients 

1/2 cup coconut 

5-6 bedagi or red chillies (roast chillies in oil )

small piece of tamarind

For Tadka / Tempering 

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 sprig of curry leaves 

1 tbsp oil 


  • Clean and wash the chopped yam bits and discard the water completely. Apply little salt and shallow fry this in 3 tbsp oil till it comes out crisp and keep aside. ( This could be prepared few days in advance and kept at room temperature ).
  • In oil roast coriander seeds, methi and haldi on a low flame till you get a v nice aroma from coriander seeds and transfer in mixer grinder then add in coconut, red chiilies, tamarind and grind to a smooth paste .
  • In pan add oil left over from frying the bits about 1 tbsp add in mustard seeds when it starts to pop add in curry leaves and put this ground paste add in little water to make it semi thick consistency . Add in salt to taste  ( use little salt as fritters also have salt in them )
  • when the gravy comes to a boil simmer and switch off the gas . When it cools add in the fried surna bits in it and mix well .
  • Serve with Rice and dal it tastes simply awesome !

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