Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Milkly Orange Chocolate


3 Bars of white chocolate

1/2 cup cashews chopped

1 zest of orange (2 tsp)

2 tsp sugar syrup

chopped almonds for garnishing


  • Remove the white pith of the orange peel and chopped the orange peel of it and boil it in sugar syrup and then keep aside
  • Heat water in a kadai,put white chocolates in a bowl and then place this bowl in the boiling water and keep stirring till it melts
  • Add the sugar coated orange peel and chopped nuts of your choice in the melted white chocolates and mix it well
  • Pour these melted chocolate in the moulds of your choice and cut into desired shape with the help of a cutter and refrigerate it for 4 hours till it sets 
  • Pat on the moulds lightly so that the white chocolate comes out nicely and Serve garnished with chopped almonds