Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spring onion & Potato Parantha


For the Dough

2 cup whole wheat flour

salt to taste and water as required

For the stuffing

3-4 Potato boiled
2-3 Green chilli very finely chopped
8-10 spring onion finely chopped 
Salt to taste
2 tbsp oil
Sieve flour with half a teaspoon of salt. Mix with water gradually and knead to make a smooth dough. Cover with a cloth and keep aside for fifteen minutes.

Grate the potatoes. Chop the green chillies very finely

Heat oil in a pan, add green chillies and fry for a min then add spring onion and fry for a few seconds and then add this to the grated potatoes, and salt as required.

Divide it into eight equal portions

Divide dough into eight equal portions and make pedas.

Take a peda and flatten it by pressing. Place spring onion mixture on it and again make it into a peda. Seal the edges completely so that the stuffing does not come out.

Flatten these pedas, sprinkle a little flour and roll them with a rolling pin 

Heat a tawa, place parantha on it and cook on low heat for three minutes. Turn it and pour half a tablespoon of oil or butter, spread it on parantha and shallow fry over low heat. Turn it and again pour half a tablespoon of oil or butter on other side. Cook on low heat till golden brown.

Serve hot with fresh yogurt or any spicy dip

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