Friday, December 26, 2008

Prawns Ghashi(Mangalore style prawn curry)

1/2 kg prawns deveined and cleaned
1 full Coconut grated
1/2 cup Mangalore cucumber(magge) cut into cubes and boiled
8-9 fried red chilli
1 lemon size tamarind 
3 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp hing powder (Asafoetida)
salt to taste
  • Heat water in a pan,add turmeric powder and prawns and cook and boil it till done
  • Grind coconut along with red chilli, tamarind and salt,adding water to make a semi-thick smooth paste
  • Heat oil in a pan, add hing powder,masala paste,boiled Mangalore cucumber cubes(magge) and prawns and boil and cook covered for 10-15 minutes
  • lastly add 2 tsp coconut oil (just to give a nice aroma to the gravy)
  • Serve Hot with Steamed rice
  • (Note: In case u dont find Mangalore cucumber, u can add boiled and cubed potatoes)

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